early August check-in

northerntierIt’s been a wonderful summer and Troop 35 scouts have been making it happen…..

  • 34 scouts and several adult leaders spent a week at Camp Tesomas – working on scout skills and merit badges, swimming, boating, and spending time at Shootin’ Sports. A good time was had by all. Honest. (you can see the posts from camp below or here)
  • Two crews – 11 scouts and 4 leaders – spent a week at BSA’s Northern Tier canoeing and camping the Boundary Waters. They came home yesterday afternoon tired and exhausted, but satisfied in the fact that they had the time of their lives in the wilderness of northern Minnesota and almost southern Canada. A photo page will follow – stay tuned.


Even though there are 17 days of summer vacation remaining (if you attend Wheaton’s D200 schools), there is plenty left to do.

  • We have one more camping adventure – at Warren Dunes in southern Michigan – August 15th to 17th. It’s a good time and if you have time, put it on your calendar and plan to attend.
  • The Fall Court of Honor is Saturday, September 13th at 6 PM at Winfield Church.
  • Even though it’s too late, for the fall Court of Honor – FINISH THOSE MERIT BADGE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT. If you didn’t submit them before July 29th, you’ll have to wait for the December Court of Honor to have them awarded.
  • There is a camping trip in late September to Kettle Morain State Park in Wisconsin

And so much more….. just check out the calendar – here is a link or follow the menu above.

This Tuesday’s meeting is the monthly PLC – the monthly meeting to plan the calendar, meetings, and activities led by Jonah and his leadership team. All scouts are welcome, just bring your scout spiral, a pencil, and any ideas you have.

There are two more scout meetings before school resumes on Thursday, August 21st – see you there.

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