I Love the Smell of Mountain Dew in the Evening!

Whew, what a night, last night Jack V. defended his camp chess tournament championship and Mr. Barone won the adult division for the TriWizard tournament. Mr.Roberts and Mr. Peterson did the mile swim today, Sebastian B and Brent H followed them in a canoe to make sure they were safe.

Dinner tonight concluded with the World Famous Mountain Dew song (it’s my favorite camp song). Everything was set to finished up with the closing campfire, but mother nature had other plans. For the first time the closing campfire was canceled in the middle, because of rain. So 34 soggy scouts and 6 water weary adult leaders, trudged back to camp, waterlogged and feeling down. But have no fear, Mark H. and Sebastian B. defied the odds and got our own Troop 35 campfire going, and saved the day and the spirits of the campers!

All in all it was a good day at Camp Tesomas, merit badges were completed and scout skills were used!

In closing and and always, at Camp Tesomas 2014… it’s one for the books!!!

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  1. claywatkins says:

    Love the photos – the colors are so vivid and clear, it’s almost like you are there. Thank you for bringing us the week at camp.

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