We’re off to see the Hodag!

Troop 35 arrived at Camp Tesomas and is already in the groove… registering, unloading the troop trailer, organizing the bicycles, setting up camp, getting a camp tour, soon they’ll be heading to dinner, the opening campfire, and getting ready for their first night at camp under the stars. It’s gonna be a great week!

But, before they arrived they visited the Hodag – a mythical forest creature that inhabits the north woods. It’s also the town’s high school mascot!

I am envious. I was fortunate to go to camp with the troop from 2009 until 2012. Camp Tesomas is a special place and the scout you waved goodbye to this morning at the band shell is going to come home next Saturday evening a changed scout – a little smellier, a little dirtier, and a wiser more mature scout.

The Troop has a Facebook page and tweets at @WheatonTroop35 and Emily and other will be adding to the Troop site all week long with updates and photos. Stay tuned and don’t worry – the scouts are having a great time, they’ll miss you, and you’ll miss them. In the meantime, you can follow their adventure and think about volunteering a week of your time next summer to come home a changed person, too.

An update to last year’s pre-camp post – Jonah, Aaron, Ryley, Mark, William, Joey, and Nick M all reached Eagle – that’s 8 of the 18 first scouts that went to camp that summer.

It’s gonna be a great week, but each day is on opportunity to learn and grown. Happy times at Camp Tesomas!

Troop 35 gathers for the traditional before loading photo! Happy travels

Troop 35 gathers for the traditional before loading photo! Happy travels

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