Deja vu all over Again and The Last Campfire!!!

Howdy Folks,

What an Amazing Friday!  It started with a Troop 35 led Camp wide Chilly Willy, with scouts from all the troop, competing against the staff. The staff won a closely contested match 4-3.

That was about all the losing Troop 35 would be doing today. We won the Basketball & Dodgeball tournaments. We won the cooking contest and the gateway contest. We also won the cribbage tournament and the gladiator contest. Troop 35 swept most of the awards!!!

The boy’s went to the final campfire and said their goodbyes to the camp counselors. They are all excited to be heading home and seeing all of you.

That’s all for tonight, Goodnight Y’all!


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  1. Rachel says:

    Congrats on all those wins! Outstanding teamwork!

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