Fly wheels and Farewells

Hello Parents,

We all made it to camp safe, even with some unexpected pit stops.  All of the boys were super excited to get to summer camp.  Once we arrived and got our campsite setup, we were whisked away for dinner and then the opening campfire.  The staff put on a great show for the boys, this years theme is time travel.

After the ceremony the boys had some ice cream at the dining hall and were off to bed.  They all need to be up at 6:00 am tomorrow and I saw a lot of tired kids crawling into their tents.

That is all for tonight, the excitement will really start tomorrow, when the boys get to start on advancements and merit badges, so for tonight enjoy the the pictures and have a great night!

Good Night All!!!




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2 Responses to Fly wheels and Farewells

  1. Clay Watkins says:

    have a blast – especially tonight as you travel back in time for the patrol challenge. Go Old Goats!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Doug, thanks for the updates! We really appreciate hearing from you.

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