Just a little taste of Tesomas

As some may already know I had the opportunity of going with the troop to summer camp this year as an adult leader for the first time, being the past summers I was on staff for the summers since i aged out. I had taken a lot of various photos (many ended up in the blogs) and after we arrived back many had asked to see more of them. So for tonight’s meeting (July 8th) it was planned to have the video played. The video also has been posted on YouTube and Vimeo so those that aren’t in town this evening (like myself) or just are unable to attend can still see it. I just ask that those going to the meeting please don’t watch it until you are at the meeting! I posted it also so you can watch it again and again if you’d like. This video has about 250 of the 10000 photos I have which include photos from the others on our trip ( I had close to 8k myself). I hope everyone enjoys this video and is able to see it! I am currently working on putting together a page of all my photos and those from others so all parents can see their children and hope to have this up later this month!

And remember at Tesomas 2014… “It’s one for the books!!!”


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  1. Karen Rehn Marose says:

    This is Rehn’s grandmother saying thanks for posting this video. Although he seemed to avoid having his picture taken, it as nice to see all the activities the boys were involved in. As a wife of a Scout and Scout leader, daughter-in-law of a Scout leader, the mother of an Eagle Scout and now grandmother of a Future(?) Eagle Scout I enjoyed seeing what happens at camp. Thanks again. Karen Rehn Marose.

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