We Brought a Butter Knife to a Chilly Willy!

The sounds of tribal drums in the distance mark the impending battle. Two noble tribes step forth from the early morning mist, to match the strength and experience of the camp staff. Against the youthful exuberance of our heroes from Troop 35, in the ancient art of The Chilly Willy! The cries of The Blue Heron cracks across Crystal Lake Reservation and with a splash the battle begins. The sounds of ice and water, mixed with the flurry of arms and legs set the stage for an epic 5 on 5 battle. As both tribes tried to carry a block of ice to shore, the tide was quickly turning in the camp staff’s favor. With little time left and knowing that the course of history could hang in the balance, Coach Childers tried the nuclear option of sending all the boys in an all out frontal assault. At the sight of 20 screaming kids closing in from all sides the camp staff stood tall and eventually won the day. Humbled and beaten the boys of Troop 35 returned from whence they came vowing to avenge their fallen brothers!

The avenging started in the afternoon at the dodge ball tournament. Jonah S., Simon L., Josh K., Alyn M., Sebastian D., and Danny H. went on a tear and won the camp dodge ball tournament. (pictures provided by Will B.)

The boys continued with their rank advancements and merit badges, even through the rain.

Tonight’s dinner, which was served picnic style, was followed by the very solemn Order of the Arrow ceremony.

The Order of the Arrow is a sacred ­organization within scouts to recognize the best scouts in the troop. We had three scouts and one adult leader called out in the ceremony. Sebastian D., Will B and Simon L were the scouts who were tapped out. Mr. Leonard was the adult leader.

Congratulations to all the 2014 OA inductees!

And as always at Tesomas 2014… It’s one for the books!!!!


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  1. L.S. says:

    Thanks for the post…stayed up late waiting for it!
    Can we get some more flaming arrow pics today?

  2. Juliet S says:

    A stirring tale … sounds like the lads did their best in the icy waters of Crystal Lake. Love the pictures!

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