Camp Tesomas – here we come!

The scouts from Troop 35 gathered this morning at Memorial Park before loading the troop trailer with the scout’s gear and driving north.

Thirty-four scouts are beginning the adventure of a lifetime, some are renewing an old friendship with Camp Tesomas, and a few are going for the first time. Regardless, each visit leaves a lasting impression – young or old, big or small – and when they return, those who went are changed forever.

the 'before photo'...

the ‘before photo’…

It’s a six and half hour drive to 5403 Spider Lake Drive, they’ll stop for lunch, and be at camp around 1:30 or so. The time between now and when they return Saturday evening will fly by. Follow their adventures and keep in touch by following us on Facebook or Twitter, or just check out the blog. To follow us, just look in the sidebar on the left to find our Facebook or Twitter information, or simply enter your e-mail address to follow the blog.

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