Mid-February update

It is Mid-February and spring is on the way, at least that is what the calendar tells us. In the world of Troop 35, we’ve been busy. It is the time of the year when cub Scouts begin crossing over to become Boy Scouts. This year Troop 35 is welcoming 12 new scouts to the troop – they are coming to us because when they visited our troop they made a connection, they have an older brother who’s in the troop, or they simply like what they saw. Regardless the reason, they made the choice to continuing their scouting career and begin the long path to Eagle. Welcome to Troop 35.

At the beginning of February, the troop took part in Klondike, a sort of Olympic-like competition for scouts. Events included fire starting, first aid, litter carrying, knot tying, and many more. The scouts had a blast being out of doors on a wonderful winter day (it snowed).

The Troop at Klondike - 2014

The Troop at Klondike – 2014

In late January, the troop went skiing and cabin camping. The troop skied at Wilmot in extreme northern Illinois. correction Wilmot is right on the border and IS located in Wisconsin – I apologize for the error.It was a cold day but the outdoor fun kept the scouts warm.

Ski Group 2014

a few of our skiers – Wilmot 2014 trip

We also had a weekend of leadership planning at Winfield Church where SPL Noah and Scoutmaster Cat worked with scouts to develop the boy –led leadership capacity of the troop. They worked on team-building exercises and discussed what leadership looks and sounds like. It all begins with service; you can never truly learn to lead unless you learn to serve.

Last weekend, the troop went cabin camping. The troop spent time with a few of our newest scouts teaching them the Troop 35 way. They worked on scouts skills and leadership. The highlight of the camping event was the dinner competition where patrols showed off their cooking skills. It was a fun event.

We’ve been busy and we plan to stay that way.

As always, the troop meets at Gary United Methodist Church in downtown Wheaton Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30. If you haven’t found a scouting home feel free to stop in and visit.

Upcoming Events

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  1. Mr. W., ASM says:

    Oh, and I forgot, on February 8th the troop hosted Scout Sunday at Gary United Methodist Church – our sponsor church and served the congregation our signature Dutch Oven cobblers! It was a fabulous event. I hope you were able to make it!

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