Tesomas Day 6

Today started with the Chilly Willy challenge to staff, when we arrived at the waterfront, we were surprised to see three five gallon buckets holding frozen cylinders of ice instead of one. We knew it was going to be a long haul and said a prayer to keep us physically strong throughout the challenge, mentally awake to take advantage of strategy rather than sheer brute strength, and morally straight to prevent any illegal holds or foul words.

The challenge started out with the Three Old Goats, and two of our biggest scouts. We wrestled the ice to the beach twice scoring two points. We had to switch to fresh players for round three because the 1st string gave it all they had, Tesomas Staff, including Steve and Davis (who, by the way, may not get much help from T35 on their eagle projects) scored two points! First string was ready to go back in; but wait the flaming arrows and second year scouts were dying to get in the game and went for it! Our smallest scouts stood up to Tesomas’ biggest staff members…alas we did not win.

We were, however victorious, everyone involved wants to do it again and next year, Troop 35’s scouts will be a little bigger, a little stronger, and a lot smarter.
It’s amazing to see how each scout has truly advanced this week, not only with merit badges and ranks, but also with character, citizenship, and physical fitness. The boys who were homesick at the beginning of the week don’t want to leave now and one of our scouts has signed up to be a counselor in training next summer. The tradition continues and Troop 35 keeps getting stronger every day.

We’ve already asked the camp director to have the ice ready on Day 2 Tesomas next year.

For now we’re focusing on finishing up merit badges and finding our water bottles.  The mile swim and closing ceremonies are all that’s left until we hit the road.

That’s it for the blog for now. We’ll do a recap when we get back. Look for your scout tomorrow at Gary Church between 5:30 and 6:00pm

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2 Responses to Tesomas Day 6

  1. major1 says:

    Thanks so much for all the great pics and daily recaps of the fun. It’s almost like being there…. almost. -kevin

  2. Carol Findling says:

    What a great week and seeing the scouts grow, have fun, with a special thank you to the crew who kept it all going. A special thank you from his oma and opa for finding Alex all week. Will be fun to hear all the stories.

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