Tesomas Day 5

Todays, BLOG will be short, we are all tired and Jonah is doing his campfire program for his Communications merit badge that we all want to go watch. Today was a good day. Brandon B got to sit at the head table at breakfast with the MC’s which is a high honor and really fun. All the scouts are making great progress on their advancements and merit badges. This evening was open night for all activities. Mr Vail helped to run the Tesomas chess tournament. We had great turnout with over half of the participants being from our troop. Hot off the press, the winner was Jack V, with Colin and Garrett in the top four . As I write this, we are strategizing for the Chilly Willy which will be at 6am tomorrow at the waterfront involving troop 35 versus the staff. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it involves water, ice and a little healthy competition. Ask your scouts for more details when they get home.

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  1. Mr. W., ASM says:

    good luck in the chilly willy! make the last FULL day count – leave nothing on the table!

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