Tesomas Day 2

The first full day at camp ended with a bang as the neighbors across the lake lit some fireworks for our enjoyment. This first day was so packed with activities that it felt like a week, it’s hard to believe that we have just arrived yesterday.

Our Troop 35 Tesomas staffers, Dan S., Steve S., and Davis W. have made us feel really welcome and at home. The Flaming Arrows have settled into the place and will be acting like they own it next year. The 2nd year scouts are working hard on their four to five merit badges this week and doing a good job of leading by example. The star and life scouts are really running the camp well with honorable mentions out to Mark H. – Senior Patrol Leader, Jacob P. – Troop Guide, and Brandon B. – quartermaster and camp fire marshal.

Steve S. is working the waterfront and is merit badge counselor for Fishing and Lifesaving. Allyn M. and David R. are fishing with Steve and Jonah is earning his Lifesaving merit badge. It’s great to have a Troop 35 scout mentoring up here at Tesomas. Troop 35 has loaned many members to Tesomas for summertime work over the years and hopes to continue the tradition.

Allyn and David need to catch and cook a fish to earn their merit badge. Tomorrow morning, Mark and Jonah are going for a run to find the secret pond that the staffers fish and report back to Mr. Peterson. David, Allyn, Collin, Mark and Mr. Peterson plan to hook into some fat fish before breakfast.

P.S. The parents of the Flaming Arrows will be pleased to know that they all successfully earned their totin’ chit and still have all of their fingers! (See pic below for proof)

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2 Responses to Tesomas Day 2

  1. Juliet Stantz says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to day, Mr. Peterson! These photos are wonderful and mean so much to us back home.

  2. Beth says:

    Carl, Great post and photos!! Thanks for recording the Troop’s history at Tesomas 2013!! Beth

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