Troop 35 Newsflash, January 23, 2013

Welcome New Scouts!
Congratulations and Welcome to our 6 new Boy Scouts who crossed over from Cub Scout Pack 335!

We warmly welcome you to our troop and look forward to getting to know all of you as you continue your scouting journey.

Upcoming Events:

  • Jan 25th-27th – Cascade Mountain Cabin Camping and Skiing
  • Feb 2nd – Klondike at Cantigny 8am-5pm (more details to come)
  • Feb 22nd-24th – Hoover – Polar Bear Camping 6:30pm meet at Gary Church
  • March 3rd – Highway Clean-up
  • March 10th – Highway Clean-up Rain Date
  • March 9th-10th – OA overnight at Rush Copley open to all scouts and friends – registration required
  • March 15th-17th – Lakota Cabin Camping
  • April 14th – Court of Honor – “Green & Gold”, set up at noon, event is 1-4, clean-up till 5pm
  • April 19th-21st – Camp Lowden Cabin Camping

Upcoming Troop Meetings

  • Jan 29th – Klondike planning and Future Events Planning! (Meeting in Gamon Hall – lower level of Gary Church)
    • Each scout has been asked to do a little research and fine 5 places he would like to go. These can be ideas to do during a Troop Meeting on a Tuesday night. They can be something we can do in a day as a day trip. Or they can be ideas of places to go for a weekend campout or perhaps even a longer 3 day get-away. Within reason (no trips to the moon!) if you want to do it, or you have a friend in another Troop who has done it and it sounds like fun – bring it! We will then take those ideas and begin to plan on how we can get there.
  • Feb 5th – PLC – all scouts are welcome to come and plan future meetings
  • Feb 7th – Committee Meeting
  • Feb 12th – Permission slips due for Hoover Camping – Campout planning/Flaming Arrow’s advancement/simple campout supplies/Okpik presentation about cold weather camping
  • Feb 19th – work on rank advancements
  • Feb 26th – 1st Aide rank advancements w/stretcher carries


  • Get your ideas together for January 29th meeting!
  • Klondike – February 2nd
  • Spring Court of Honor – April 14, 2013
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  1. clay says:

    thanks for the update! this is a good way to keep up with what is going on!

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