Wreath Sales Bonus Challenge

NEWSFLASH… Bonus week challenge!!!

A Scout is Thrifty so here is a bonus for those who earn their way.

For each Scout that reaches the $1200.00 goal by Tuesday night, you will get multiple chances or pulls out of the money bag! Yes, that’s correct. We are going to reward those Scouts with chances of winning cash! Here’s how it works:

  • All orders must be entered online by 6 pm Tuesday.
  • Scouts achieving wreath sales of $1200.00 will be allowed to draw Three bills from the money bag.
  • Scouts that attain sales of $2000.00 will draw five bills from the money bag.

The money bag challenge is for this week only! Get your orders into ScoutTrack by 6pm Tuesday October 9th. Add to your sales by walking a new street, going to a new neighborhood. Remember to suggest a wreath for inside- the boxwood or maybe a centerpiece basket or Holly.

You Gotta Wanna…. Sell Wreaths… Go for it and grab some CA$H!


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  1. Mr W says:

    Wow, sounds like a great opportunity to build your Scout Bucks! Keep working at it scouts!

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