In an effort to INCREASE communication and effectively spread the word, Troop 35 will be posting information weekly. The troop calls it “Circle” but sometimes the information makes it home, and sometimes not. We do know the planners, drivers, and major decision-makers (aka parents) need this information.

So here’s our new app… we don’t have a catchy name or catchy graphic, but if you have one post it to the comments section and please pass it on! Here’s the weekly update.

Upcoming Events
Chanonee Cub Scout Family Campout – Fri Sept 28th from 5:30pm – 8pm – Order of the Arrow  is looking for boy scouts willing to help.  Contact Mark Harrison if you can help

Winfield Campout – Oct 20-21 at Winfield church with 15 mile bike ride Saturday morning. Bike ride will count towards camping merit badge experience (Item 9b – part 3). Permission slip is due Oct 9th.  Webelos open house in the afternoon with several scout stations – orienteering, catapults, dutch oven cooking, neckerchief slides and fire building

Merit Badges
Computer Merit Badge – Sunday Sept 30th from 2-5pm.  Oakbrook Microsoft store. Check with Mr Bottom for more details
Aviation Merit Badge – Sunday October 14th.  Shaumburg Regional Airport.  Check with Mr Harrison for more details.

Wreath Sales
All wreath money is due on October 23

Upcoming Troop Meetings
Oct 2nd 1 Patrol Leaders Council – PLC – come help plan troop meetings and events
Oct 4th – Committee Meeting – all parents invited (interested or uninterested!)
Oct 9th – Bike Safety and campout planning
Oct 16th – Finalize campout planning and practice Webelos stations
Oct 23rd – Team building activities
Oct 30th – Pumpkin carving and Webelos open house

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3 Responses to Troop 35 NEWSFLASH!

  1. John says:

    Suggestions for newsletter:
    Troop Poop
    Poop for the Troop
    35 Jive

  2. Mr. Cat. says:

    I honor of the world’s best Summer Camp, I’d like to anonomously vote for the title “Troop 35’s Verbal Blurb”.

  3. Jack Vail says:

    I think it should be “T. 35 Trib.” or ” The Troop Tribune

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