Home, but only 362 more days!

Summer camp is finished, but as Craig reminded us Saturday morning with his BIG IDEA!, summer camp does have to end, it is over so there can be a welcome next year, a new hello in 2013!

Troop 35 is set to return to Camp Tesomas in 2013 at the same campsite, but a week later in the third week of camp, from Sunday June 30th to Saturday July 6th. 2013 looks to be a busy summer with High Adventure at Sea Base in early June and the Jamboree in mid-July.

As we left camp Tesomas there is a sign above the exit which reminds us all what we are charged to do:

So, as we return to Wheaton and life back home, we need to remind ourselves what it means to be a Boy Scout and why we chose Troop 35.

Summer camp doesn’t have to end, you can still go on adventures with your fellow scouts – there is North side pool, Rice Lake pool, there are meetings, and a campout ahead at Warren Dunes in Michigan, lots of fun to be had. So, keep your scouting spirit with you and remember what fun you had at camp; getting back to Tesomas is only 362 days away!

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