Tomo-Chi-Chi Campout

As you should know by now Troop 35 is going on a camping trip to Tomo Chi-Chi this weekend. Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls is a 260-acre parcel devoted to youth group camping and recreation. Tomo-Chi-Chi is set on rolling hills of oak-hickory woodlands, quality wetlands and open meadow areas amid a glacial plain. It’s in Gilberts,’ Illinois, near Huntley. It provides endless opportunities for hiking and other activities. We still have plenty of space available and I want to see all of you there!

Top 10 Reasons you should go to Tomo Chi-Chi this weekend:

10.   Younger Scouts need to come and work on advancements!
9.    Older Scouts are needed to use the EDGE method to help younger Scouts!
8.    Take a hike to “The Rock that Know All”!
7.    Practice your Polar Bear skills or sleep outside if you want!
6.    Play baseball in the snow or go sledding if there’s enough snow!
5.    Carve a new neckerchief slide!
4.    Enjoy some famous Troop 35 cooking!0
3.    Make a fire in the beautiful Tomo Chi-Chi fireplace!
2.    We’ve lowered the price to make it an even better value than before!

And the #1 reason you should camp at Tomo Chi-Chi this weekend…..

1.  You won’t be left out when you hear the rest of YOUR  troop talking about how much fun they had at Tomo Chi-Chi!

It’s close to home so there’s no annoying long car ride!
Even the name is fun to say!

You can click here to get the permission slip in MS Word or Adobe pdf format.

Hope to see you there!

Your Scoutmaster,
Mr. Cat

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