Summer Camp 2014 – Meeting

Camp Tesomas

Smiley the Tent” Camp Tesomas

It was a great night talking to the Flaming Arrow’s parents about summer camp. For many of the scouts, it will be there first time away from mom and dad, and mom’s first time away from her scout. It’s a big deal. But, rest assured, the scout that leaves home and heads off to camp will be a different scout than the one which comes home. Guaranteed.

That is the beauty of scouting. Young men in scouting will have opportunities and advantages their non-scouting peers won’t have. They’ll learn to pack their bags and come home with ALL of their gear, or at least most of it. Well, maybe some of it. They’ll experience sleeping outside in a tent and being responsible for their schedule (with help). They’ll get to know kids they otherwise would never met and make friendships that last a lifetime. They’ll learn what it’s like to be away from home and appreciate mom and dad, maybe a little more than before. They’ll have opportunities to plan their activities and learn from their mistakes. Because, failure is the greatest teacher. They’ll learn to cook, clean, and get along with others. They’ll learn the true value of service, because in order to lead, you must first learn to follow and serve others. Continue reading

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Mid-February update

It is Mid-February and spring is on the way, at least that is what the calendar tells us. In the world of Troop 35, we’ve been busy. It is the time of the year when cub Scouts begin crossing over to become Boy Scouts. This year Troop 35 is welcoming 12 new scouts to the troop – they are coming to us because when they visited our troop they made a connection, they have an older brother who’s in the troop, or they simply like what they saw. Regardless the reason, they made the choice to continuing their scouting career and begin the long path to Eagle. Welcome to Troop 35.

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Philmont bound in 2015….

Troop 35, we’ve won the lottery!

Boy Scouts of America

Philmont Scout Ranch Expeditions

would like to congratulate

Troop   35 of the Three Fires Council
(Sponsor:   Gary Memorial United Methodist Church – Wheaton, IL   60187)

Your unit has been picked as a winner for a reservation in 2015
at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Your arrival date is July 2015.
              (Departure: August 2015)

We have your unit confirmed for 2 crews

As with all things in life and scouts – YOU GOTTA WANNA, you gotta wanna go, you gotta wanna pay your way, ’cause a Scout is Thrifty and pays his way. Wreath Sales 2014, look out! Watch this space!

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The wreaths are here!

This weekend you should see Troop 35 scouts scurrying around your neighborhood delivering wreaths and holiday cheer. They worked hard to sell their wreaths and now they will be delivering them. That’s a lot of fun and a lot of work!

If you didn’t order a wreath or greenery to decorate your home – don’t despair, Troop 35 will be selling at our traditional holiday retail locations beginning Friday November 29th at 9AM.

  • Dominick’s @ Danada East parking lot between KFC and IHOP
  • Gary United Methodist @ 224 N. Main St, Wheaton, IL 60187

From the Scout Handbook – “A SCOUT IS THRIFTY. A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.”

Each scout earned money they can use to ‘pay their own way’ whether it’s troop dues, summer camp, or high adventure like Sea Base, Philmont Scout Ranch, or next summer’s trip to the Boundary Waters and a week’s worth of back country camping and canoeing.

Take a look at the fun on these faces – you gotta wanna!



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Troop 35 Newsflash October 14, 2013


  • Wreath Sales this week – $ total sales for the Troop. Remember our goal is $ and we only have 3 more weeks to sell!
  • Our “Top Dog” award this week goes to William W. for overall top sales. Congratulations also to our top 5 overall sellers this week: William W. – $, Mark H. – $, Rhen S.- $, Matt M. – $, and Simon L. – $ (Three of these scouts are Flaming Arrows – way to go!). The top Tribe for the week was the Onieda Tribe with $ in total sales.
  • Next Tuesday, October 15th the challenge is “Top this week only total sales!” Everyone has a chance to win the “Top Dog” this week. Also, beginning this week: for every $100 in sales earned by each scout, that scout gets 1 entry into a drawing for a $100 bill! So, sell $500 this week – you get 5 entries into the drawing. The drawing will take place in a couple of weeks!

Upcoming Events:

  • October 15th – Patrol Merit Badges are beginning! Patrol leaders contact your Merit Badge Counselors and let them know you are doing the merit badge.
  • Also on October 15th – The Troop will begin working on the Personal Management Merit Badge. Any 2nd year scout and older may participate. In order to complete the badge each scout will need to have some sort of cash flow – allowance, part-time job, etc. If they don’t have a cash flow, they can still work on the merit badge but they will receive only partial credit. They will need the merit badge book, and the worksheets (available online:
  • October 18th-19th – Camping at Blackwell Forest Preserve for JOTA (Jamboree On the Air) – we will set up our ham radio demonstration for the Webelos Recruitment on Saturday afternoon and connect with others around the world during the annual JOTA event occurring all weekend long.
  • October 19th 12pm-7pm– Webelos Recruitment at Blackwell Forest Preserve – Youth Camping Area – We will be demonstrating Ham Radios as well as Dutch oven cooking, fire building and knife safety. We will have 2 shifts (2-3:3pm and 3:30-5pm – with clean up from 5-7pm). An email will be coming soon asking for volunteers!
  • November 2nd 9am-2pm – Ham Radio Merit Badge at the Winfield Church (note new location). Contact Kevin Oleniczak if interested in participating.
  • November 9th – Annual Three Fires Council Training Academy 8am-4pm. Various training for Adult Leaders offered as well as Senior Patrol Leader and Den Chief Training.
  • November 23rd – Wreath Distribution at Winfield Church. Times TBD, usually in the morning around 8-11. All scouts are required to attend to sort the wreaths and take home their product. Distribution of individual sales should be completed by Tuesday, November 26th.
  • November 29th – December 1st – Retail sales at Gary Church and Dominicks – sign up for times to work the sales.

Upcoming Troop Meetings

  • Oct 15th – regular Troop meeting at Gary Church – working on Paracord Bracelets and Patrol Merit Badges
  • Oct 22nd – Regular Troop meeting at Gary Church
  • Oct 29th – Webelos recruitment – Pumpkin Carving!
  • Nov 5th – PLC
  • Nov 12th – Patrol Merit Badges and Team Building Activity
  • Nov 19th – Webelos Recruitment – Team Building Activities in Stations
  • Nov 16th – Thanksgiving week – Fun Activity TBD

Upcoming Campouts

  • Oct 18th-19th – Blackwell Forest Preserve JOTA overnight
  • Oct. 25th-27th – Location TBD
  • Nov. 15th-17th – Indian Mounds Camp Ground – 1st Cabin Camping – 2 activities available – A: Ray’s BMX Biking or B: Harley Davidson Museum where scouts have the opportunity to do the Engineering Merit Badge, followed by a tour at Sprechers Brewery where scouts can sample 10 different soda flavors.


  • Committee Meeting – October 24th, 7-8:30 (all parents are welcome to attend)
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