Tesomas Day 4

Today began with Jacob, Will, Jonah, Collin conducting the flag ceremony, continued with Brandon, Adam, and Jacob recognized as great scouts by their merit badge counselors and ended with Adam and Jonah being tapped out at the Order of the Arrow ceremony.  Troop 35 is looking good and we are ready to challenge staff to a chilly willy on Friday.  We’re looking forward to a campfire and a restful sleep.

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Tesomas Day 3

Another beautiful day at Tesomas, the Smiley Doppler is currently calling for rain on Thursday but today is gorgeous.

Today started with some early risers on a fishing expedition that resulted in Allyn and David knocking out the “catching” requirement for Fishing Merit Badge.  This resulted in the idea for a fish fry to supplement our campfire brats planned for the evening.  Allyn, Mr. Harrison, Mark, and Mr. Childers all contributed with a total of six largemouth bass that were prepared for the fire per Fishing Merit Badge requirements.

The Old Goats started their morning with some zip line drops after breakfast and the Flaming Arrows demonstrated their knowledge at Eagle Quest.  After merit badge work was complete and some letters home were sent, we had a great meal on the campfire.  The campfire meal was topped off with a Dutch Oven Birthday cake for Garret who is now 12 years old. 

Garret, “Happy Birthday Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  you!”

After dinner the whole camp was opened up to something like a free-for- all and all of the activities were open. Waterfront, Shooting Sports, Cope and Climbing, and Handycraft were all available. The Old Goats volunteered to clean up while the scouts took off for all kinds of high adventure.  The camp is very quiet now.  We’re whooped and it’s bed time.  Tune in tomorrow for more.

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Tesomas Day 2

The first full day at camp ended with a bang as the neighbors across the lake lit some fireworks for our enjoyment. This first day was so packed with activities that it felt like a week, it’s hard to believe that we have just arrived yesterday.

Our Troop 35 Tesomas staffers, Dan S., Steve S., and Davis W. have made us feel really welcome and at home. The Flaming Arrows have settled into the place and will be acting like they own it next year. The 2nd year scouts are working hard on their four to five merit badges this week and doing a good job of leading by example. The star and life scouts are really running the camp well with honorable mentions out to Mark H. – Senior Patrol Leader, Jacob P. – Troop Guide, and Brandon B. – quartermaster and camp fire marshal.

Steve S. is working the waterfront and is merit badge counselor for Fishing and Lifesaving. Allyn M. and David R. are fishing with Steve and Jonah is earning his Lifesaving merit badge. It’s great to have a Troop 35 scout mentoring up here at Tesomas. Troop 35 has loaned many members to Tesomas for summertime work over the years and hopes to continue the tradition.

Allyn and David need to catch and cook a fish to earn their merit badge. Tomorrow morning, Mark and Jonah are going for a run to find the secret pond that the staffers fish and report back to Mr. Peterson. David, Allyn, Collin, Mark and Mr. Peterson plan to hook into some fat fish before breakfast.

P.S. The parents of the Flaming Arrows will be pleased to know that they all successfully earned their totin’ chit and still have all of their fingers! (See pic below for proof)

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Day 1 Tesomas 2013

The red trailers rolled into Memorial Park at the crack of dawn to load up gear for a week long adventure to Camp Tesomas.After a few final hugs and kisses the boys of Troop 35 jumped in the cars and settled in for naps, books, sign alphabet game, and radio sing alongs. We arrived at Blue Gill Bay for lunch just in time for the drivers to maintain their sanity.

Once we arrived to the place where “Camping is King”, Mark H. divided the troop into three patrols and proceeded to set up base camp.After rousing dinner, a song or two, a tour and acampfire complete with live entertainment by camp staff; we’re off to bed to pursue scouting advancement and high adventure tomorrow.The pictures below tell the rest of the story…. Continue reading

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Troop 35 Newsflash June 26, 2013

Saturday, June 29th – Adam K’s Eagle Project needs everyone’s help – scouts and adults! Meet in the main parking lot of the Arboretum between 8:30-8:50. We will drive together to the work area. Lunch will be provided. Please bring any loping shears and bow saws you may have. Signed permission slips are needed as well. (Adam needs help removing invasive species of plants from the Arboretum; mainly buckthorn, wild garlic mustard, multiflora rose, and honeysuckle. The jobs needed to be done are pullers, cutters, haulers and sawyers. All ages can help, however in order to be a cutter or sawyer you must have your Totin Chit and must be at least 12 years of age. Please bring a water bottle, and wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, closed toed shoes, a wide brimmed hat and rain gear (if needed). Due to the possibility of poison ivy, gloves and safety glasses are needed so please let Adam know if you will need these so he can acquire them for you.)

Sunday, June 30th  - 6:00am! Summer Camp is here! We will meet at the Band Shell in Memorial Park (across the street from Gary Church – Hale and Seminary – just look for all the people). Don’t forget to pack a sack lunch for the trip to camp and bring an additional $10 for Culvers on the way home. There will be an assembly line to turn in your medications (in a ziplock baggie with the medication form), spending money, and any last minute forms. Be prompt so we can leave as early as possible – no later than 7am. Continue reading

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