Early October update!

Congratulations to the Honey Badgers for getting the highest score in the surprise uniform inspection!!


  • Sun Oct 5th – Highway Cleanup. We could use some additional scouts to help keep our portion of adopted highway clean
  • Tues Oct 7th – PLC Meeting – all scouts are welcome. Scouts in a leadership position should be there. Patrols leaders should find a sub if
    they can’t be there so that all patrols are represented.
  • Sun Oct 12th – Jacob P’s Eagle Ceremony. Setup – 12:30pm. Participants arrive at 1:30pm with ceremony at 2pm. Reception at 3pm at Gary. Tesomas style bonfire at Winfield church at 5pm.
  • Fri Oct 24 – Sun Oct 26 – Canyon Camp / Chestnut Mountain. This is at a historic boy scout camp. Activities include mountain luge track
  • Sat Oct 25th – Ryley Z’s Eagle Project at the Morton Arboretum. If you’re not camping, help one of your fellow troop 35 scouts with his Eagle project. Meet at 8:45am to collect seeds at the Schulenburg Prairie. Wear long sleeves, pants and work gloves. All other equipment will be provided. Lunch will be served.

Wreath Sales
A Scout is Thrifty. A Scout works to pay his own way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property. Thrifty is the ninth point of the Scout Law – immediately after Cheerful and right before Brave.

Our only troop fundraiser is wreath sales and we do it just once a year. The money from this fundraiser goes to support your troop. It pays for equipment, trailer repairs, and more – enables us to keep our troop operational. It also helps scouts pay their way for Summer camp, High Adventure trips and any other scouting activities. Sales are down compared to this time last year. Please get out there and do your part. You Gotta Wanna!!!

This past week’s contest was the 26″ Noel Wreath. Our winner was Brandon B. who sold 5 units. Way to Go Brandon – You gotta Wanna! Also please note that the last date for wreath money turn in is Tues Oct 28th.

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early August check-in

northerntierIt’s been a wonderful summer and Troop 35 scouts have been making it happen…..

  • 34 scouts and several adult leaders spent a week at Camp Tesomas – working on scout skills and merit badges, swimming, boating, and spending time at Shootin’ Sports. A good time was had by all. Honest. (you can see the posts from camp below or here)
  • Two crews – 11 scouts and 4 leaders – spent a week at BSA’s Northern Tier canoeing and camping the Boundary Waters. They came home yesterday afternoon tired and exhausted, but satisfied in the fact that they had the time of their lives in the wilderness of northern Minnesota and almost southern Canada. A photo page will follow – stay tuned.


Even though there are 17 days of summer vacation remaining (if you attend Wheaton’s D200 schools), there is plenty left to do.

  • We have one more camping adventure – at Warren Dunes in southern Michigan – August 15th to 17th. It’s a good time and if you have time, put it on your calendar and plan to attend.
  • The Fall Court of Honor is Saturday, September 13th at 6 PM at Winfield Church.
  • Even though it’s too late, for the fall Court of Honor – FINISH THOSE MERIT BADGE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT. If you didn’t submit them before July 29th, you’ll have to wait for the December Court of Honor to have them awarded.
  • There is a camping trip in late September to Kettle Morain State Park in Wisconsin

And so much more….. just check out the calendar – here is a link or follow the menu above.

This Tuesday’s meeting is the monthly PLC – the monthly meeting to plan the calendar, meetings, and activities led by Jonah and his leadership team. All scouts are welcome, just bring your scout spiral, a pencil, and any ideas you have.

There are two more scout meetings before school resumes on Thursday, August 21st – see you there.

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Just a little taste of Tesomas

As some may already know I had the opportunity of going with the troop to summer camp this year as an adult leader for the first time, being the past summers I was on staff for the summers since i aged out. I had taken a lot of various photos (many ended up in the blogs) and after we arrived back many had asked to see more of them. So for tonight’s meeting (July 8th) it was planned to have the video played. The video also has been posted on YouTube and Vimeo so those that aren’t in town this evening (like myself) or just are unable to attend can still see it. I just ask that those going to the meeting please don’t watch it until you are at the meeting! I posted it also so you can watch it again and again if you’d like. This video has about 250 of the 10000 photos I have which include photos from the others on our trip ( I had close to 8k myself). I hope everyone enjoys this video and is able to see it! I am currently working on putting together a page of all my photos and those from others so all parents can see their children and hope to have this up later this month!

And remember at Tesomas 2014… “It’s one for the books!!!”

YouTube Preview Image


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So Long, Goodbye and Farewell!

With one final adieu, we say goodbye for now, knowing or scouts are returning home better young men and stronger as a troop.

Thank you to all who made this week so special. We leave with excited thoughts about all that we will accomplish next year when we return to Camp Tesomas!!!!

And remember at Camp Tesomas 2014… It was indeed one for the books!!!

This blog was brought to you all week by, Mr Dan Stantz and Mr Doug Childers.

We’ll see y’all back at the church.


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Report From The Front

I returned home after spending three days at Summer Camp and wanted to share some of experiences there. First, the scouts are having a blast. We had some rain on parts of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but it was only sporadic and did not hamper any of the activities. The camp is a wonderful experience both for the scouts and the Old Goats alike. The Flaming Arrows are completing numerous advancement requirements and will come home with numerous check marks in their scouts books. At the same time, they have enjoyed their free time at the various fun activities and at the same time are learning to navigate through the camp, to travel with a buddy, to prioritize their time, and to simply make decisions. They thought they were simply looking for their next class, but along the way they found a greater sense of freedom and responsibility. The older scouts already know the procedures and the camp well and seem like seasoned veterans as they navigate the entire camp without a map. All of the scouts have enjoyed fun activities like swimming, fishing, boating, biking, rifle shooting, archery, dodge ball, four square, tether ball, etc. The teenage scouts have been enjoying the higher adventure activities like biking, climbing, zip lining, etc. The meals were a time to make load noises and sing along to their parents’ rock music at the top of their lungs. Don’t be surprised if for the first few days they bang on the kitchen table while singing the chorus of “Sweet Caroline.”

The Tesomas camp site itself is great. Our camp site overlooks the lake and is large enough for each of our patrols to have their own separate areas. Our camp site is near a newer facility with clean bathrooms and showers (which all of the scouts have used at least once through Tuesday). The staff is very cordial, accommodating, and leads the cheers during the meals. The staff includes many current and former scouts, including a recent alum of Troop 35 (Davis W.), and of course Dan S., himself a former Troop 35 scout and now am adult leader, was also a recent staff member. These connections gave us some inside intel as to the camp and other staff members. The camp offers advancement courses for our Flaming Arrows, fun free-time activities for all scouts, and higher adventure activities for the older scouts. Basically, the camp offers something for everyone.  The mosquitoes were a challenge. I’d say I’m pretty diligent about bug spray (having had tick bites before), and despite my best efforts and frequent coatings of bug spray, I came home with more mosquito bites than I bargained for.  So have some After Bite ready.

Finally, I cannot say enough about our scoutmasters making the trip to camp. They have worked tirelessly following the scouts around from a distance to make sure everything runs smoothly. Mark B., Nick D., and Randy R. shadowed the Flaming Arrows to make sure they got to all of their programs. Doug C. and Dan S., among other things, have been walking the whole camp taking pictures, promoting the scout law, and providing the daily blogs that serve as the information corridor to our scouts’ lives for a week. Of course, all is done under the general direction of the Great and Knowledgeable Scoutmaster Carl P., who oversees all aspects of the troop’s stay at camp. Carl makes sure everything runs smoothly, works on scout advancement requirements, teaches the scouts how to act like a scout, deals with the staff, makes sure all scouts are accounted for, and jumps in on many of the scout activities. Andy L. and Matt V. arrived after I left to offer additional assistance. When they are not chasing our scouts around, the scoutmasters are doing service projects like chopping wood and manning the swim tower in an effort to earn their Geezer merit badge.

Tesomas planning

Carl P. and Dan S. discussing important scout matters.

All in all, summer camp was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to hear what I missed after I left.

Nick M.


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