Congratulations to Troop 35’s newest Eagle Scout

Well done, Ben Czarnecki! You are now among the elite of the elite. Ben’s advice for younger scouts? Stay focused, keep working and have fun.

This Troop combines the brotherhood and friendships with the hard work of merit badges and rank advancement. They are so helpful with whatever your kid wants to get out of scouting. From amazing adventures to attaining Eagle. Troop 35 does it all.

Ben Czarnecki, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Troop 35 has helped guide me and also has helped me achieve my goals in scouting. Whether it was achieving scout ranks or just trying to have a fun campout, Troop 35 has been a great asset to my journey along the path to Eagle.

Congratulations Ben, Troop 35 Eagle Scout!

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  1. Matt Vail says:

    Congratulations Ben!

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