Goodbye, Farewell & Amen

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Good morning everyone,

What an Amazing week at camp! We are all packed up and on our way home, to see all of you. Can’t wait to come back next year!

See y’all soon!!!

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Deja vu all over Again and The Last Campfire!!!

Howdy Folks,

What an Amazing Friday!  It started with a Troop 35 led Camp wide Chilly Willy, with scouts from all the troop, competing against the staff. The staff won a closely contested match 4-3.

That was about all the losing Troop 35 would be doing today. We won the Basketball & Dodgeball tournaments. We won the cooking contest and the gateway contest. We also won the cribbage tournament and the gladiator contest. Troop 35 swept most of the awards!!!

The boy’s went to the final campfire and said their goodbyes to the camp counselors. They are all excited to be heading home and seeing all of you.

That’s all for tonight, Goodnight Y’all!


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Evening everyone,

What a great day to be at camp, today is throwback Thursday at Camp Tesomas. The entire camp was open to the boys tonight and they took full advantage.  We had boys on the climbing wall, boys at the shooting range. Some participated in the chess tournament, while others just played on the trampoline at the water front. Everyone is having the times of their lives, including the adults 🙂

The boy’s are also working hard to finish up merit badges and advancements, some are even done!

The weather has been great the last couple of days and the last few look to be even better.

Goodnight Y’all!

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Bad WiFi & Family Order


Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the delay on Wednesday’s post, we had some technically difficulties, but it looks like we are back up and running.

Wednesday’s at Camp Tesomas are all about Family and The Order of the Arrow ceremony. We had a couple of families make the trip up to camp to check everything out and some came to see their son’s be chosen for The Order of the Arrow. It was once again a fantastic ceremony and we had four boy’s, that were tapped out, Brandon B., Chris B., Danny H. & Gus P.. Congratulations boy’s, on a well deserved honor.

Thank you for your patience with the post and hopefully this will be the only hiccup, in an otherwise Amazing week!!

Later Y’all!



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Once more unto the breach,dear friends, once more!!!

Hello Everyone,

Word’s can never tell the full story, so I will not let mine get in the way. All the boy’s are doing great and having an Amazing time.  The care packages have been given out and shared.

Enjoy the pictures and make sure you ask the boys for the story behind them!

Goodnight Y’all!



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