Harvey Fiorato – Eagle 2023

After much hard work and years of dedication, Troop 35 is happy to welcome Harvey as our most recent Eagle Scout. Now for some words of wisdom from the Eagle Scout himself.

Troop 35 means a lot to me. It began as just my parents dragging me to Scouts but it’s become much more than just that. After spending a multitude of years with the Troop I am grateful to say that I have been able to share amazing memories and make strong friendships through this Troop. All in all Troop 35 is a group of amazing guys which I am glad that I was able to share memories and learn lessons with them.

To be an Eagle Scout was one of my many goals as a young Scout. Back when I had first entered the Troop along with my buddy Ben we could only dream that we would become Eagle Scouts and both of us thought we would be unable to achieve such a prestigious rank amongst Scouting. Now that both Ben and I have achieved the Eagle Scout rank it is safe to say that my younger Scout self is proud of both of us for being able to achieve something so renowned amongst young Scouts. All things considered being an Eagle Scout means to me that I am able to complete something so profound as the Eagle Scout journey.

My advice to younger Scouts is to make good friends and stay close to them, because when you grow older those friends that you made in Scouts will become your best friends and be by your side no matter if it is in Scouting or not.

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