Cameron Cox – Eagle 2023

Congratulations Cameron Cox on completing your Eagle Rank! Cameron completed his Eagle this year after many years of hard work in scouts. He has continued to come to meetings to help and pass on his experience and we look forward to seeing what comes next for this Scout.

Words of wisdom from Eagle Scout Cameron Cox:

What does Troop 35 mean to you?

Troop 35 was a great community where I was able to develop important leadership skills and meet new friends while doing so. 

What does it mean for you to be an Eagle Scout?

For me, the Eagle Scout journey showed myself that I was able to accomplish a far off goal that seemed unrealistic for a long time. I was able to prove to myself that persistence is very important in life.

Advice for other scouts that want to be Eagle one day:

For a majority of scouts, including myself, the journey is difficult, and there might be some times that you question why you’re even doing it. But, I can promise that at the end of the journey, it’s completely worth it.