Congratulations to Troop 35’s latest Eagle Scout

Well done, James Podell! You are now among the elite of the elite.

Troop 35 to me is similar to that of a family where everyone knows and likes each other. The people you meet in scouting will be life long friends!! So enjoy scouting to the fullest, and meet new people, because scouting will be one of the best memories in your life!

James Podell, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

James’s advice to younger scouts?

Not rush advancements and to not stress out over acquiring the rank, but to make steady and consistent progress. Also if a Scout wants to reach Eagle they must have fun in scouting because it is almost impossible to complete a long journey without any passion for the journey at hand.

James Podell, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Great advice, and congratulations James!

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