Bad WiFi & Family Order


Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the delay on Wednesday’s post, we had some technically difficulties, but it looks like we are back up and running.

Wednesday’s at Camp Tesomas are all about Family and The Order of the Arrow ceremony. We had a couple of families make the trip up to camp to check everything out and some came to see their son’s be chosen for The Order of the Arrow. It was once again a fantastic ceremony and we had four boy’s, that were tapped out, Brandon B., Chris B., Danny H. & Gus P.. Congratulations boy’s, on a well deserved honor.

Thank you for your patience with the post and hopefully this will be the only hiccup, in an otherwise Amazing week!!

Later Y’all!



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3 Responses to Bad WiFi & Family Order

  1. Beth Watkins says:

    Amazing POST!!
    Thanks for sharing the family joy!

  2. Julie Leonard says:

    Doug – awesome post. I love all the family and OA pictures. Love it, love it. Thanks

  3. Carri Peterson says:

    My first visit ever to Tesomas this week was wonderful! Bess and I loved seeing the boys (and adult boys!) in their element! What a great group and fantastic place! Thank you!!

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