When is a bonfire, not a bonfire?

When it rains like it did Tuesday night.

Troop 35’s first meeting of summer had been planned to be a hot occasion. Several Troop 35 scouts had worked at Winfield Community United Methodist Church clearing brush and making a big pile. With Scoutmaster Carl’s expertise, the troop was going to ignite at 6PM Tuesday night, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Pile of Wood

A scout is prepared, so we had a backup plan. A scout meeting.

Summer camp at Camp Tesomas begins in just 11 days! Over 30 scouts will be making the trip north this year along with adult volunteers and EVERY seat in the cars going is filled. It is going to be a great time. There is much to do to get ready. Seasoned scouts shared how to pack as well as reminders of what to bring to camp AND what not to bring to camp lists – It was good fun. On the list of what not to bring to camp are (but not limited to) matches, aerosol cans, fireworks, lighters, and shooting equipment – for a more complete list visit Camp Tesomas (click here). Patrols got together to plan and discuss camp. The next meeting on June 17, will be the final shakedown before summer camp.

Afterwards, Troop 35 Eagle Scout Jacob P. shared brats and food (leftovers from his graduation party) with his fellow scouts. The scouts helped him out and there were no more leftovers. Thanks, Jacob!

On a more serious note, there are 72 days of summer vacation – if you live in District 200, not 104 as the song says. Troop 35 has packed a lot into this summer – it always does. It always will.

  • 2 crews of scouts and adult leaders will be going to Northern Tier – High Adventure – in late July to explore the boundary waters by canoe.
  • There is a troop campout the week before school resumes in August at Van Buren State Park in Michigan.
  • Next week’s meeting on June 17th will be the last until July and troop elections are scheduled. The troop will select it’s next Senior Patrol Leader who will lead the troop through the fall into winter.
  • Looking ahead to summer 2015, the troop is sending 2 crews to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.
  • And maybe, sometime in July or later, Troop 35 will get to light the bonfire, stay tuned.

Troop 35 tweets @WheatonTroop35 follow us! here are some tweets from Northern Tier and Philmont – you gotta click the link for Northern Tier – amazing photos…