Day 1 Tesomas 2013

The red trailers rolled into Memorial Park at the crack of dawn to load up gear for a week long adventure to Camp Tesomas.After a few final hugs and kisses the boys of Troop 35 jumped in the cars and settled in for naps, books, sign alphabet game, and radio sing alongs. We arrived at Blue Gill Bay for lunch just in time for the drivers to maintain their sanity.

Once we arrived to the place where “Camping is King”, Mark H. divided the troop into three patrols and proceeded to set up base camp.After rousing dinner, a song or two, a tour and acampfire complete with live entertainment by camp staff; we’re off to bed to pursue scouting advancement and high adventure tomorrow.The pictures below tell the rest of the story….

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3 Responses to Day 1 Tesomas 2013

  1. Mr. W., ASM says:

    Looks great! Wishing I was there with you. THINK LIKE A BOY!

  2. John Catanzaro says:

    Our hearts were broken Sunday when Joe and I watched the Troop leave for camp without us for the first time in four years. Ours hearts melted back together when we saw the pics of day one at Tesomas and the newest generation of Troop 35 Scouts enjoying the Tesomas Experience!
    These Scouts were made for Tesomas and Tesomas was made for these Scouts!

    • Mr. W., ASM says:

      I share the feeling :(. I thought of the fun the scouts (and adult leaders) were having tonight at camp.

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