Thanksgiving – Scoutmaster minute

Scouts and scout families,

As Americans, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We live in freedom, most of us have an abundance of food and clothing, and we all have adequate shelter.

We are as blessed as any people in the world, but sometimes we forget that and gripe that we don’t have even more.

Let’s remember that a lot of the worlds’ population goes to bed hungry in homes that few Americans would want to live in. Not to mention the diseases that we’ve never even heard of before.

So it’s good to remind ourselves occasionally that we are lucky and to give thanks for our blessings.

That’s what Thanksgiving really is, a time to give thanks. The Pilgrims started it hundreds of years ago when they gathered to thank God for a bountiful harvest.

Today Thanksgiving is a time for families gathering around a table groaning with a bounty of food, followed by watching football games, and then more dessert!

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s important that we don’t forget the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

So when you sit down with your family for Thanksgiving dinner this year, take time to count your blessings and give proper thanks for them.

Your Scoutmaster,
Mr. Cat.