Camping Update – 4/22/2012

starting a fire with a flint and steel is harder than it looks!

Troop 35 had a great time this past weekend at Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois. Twenty scouts and seven adults enjoyed the adventure, which for nine of our new scouts – their very first outdoor camping experience as a Boy Scout.

It was an awesome time and the new scouts learned scouting skills while the older scouts used their scouting skills and developing leadership ability to manage the campout beginning with planning and execution of the plan. The scouts cooked two hot meals – breakfast and dinner on Saturday. There were pancakes, sausage, French toast, chicken pot pie, spaghetti, and the Old Goats (the adult leaders) – had pizza courtesy of the ‘Oracle’ (aka Assistant Scoutmaster Carl).

We had great weather, even though it was cool Saturday morning when the mercury dipped down to 34, and it was sunny and dry all weekend long. The scouts took a five-mile hike through Matthiessen State Park, cooked, and practiced their fire starting skills. Additionally, they learned that many hands make light work! As well as – for a few new scouts – why the Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.”

Our next adventure is in two weeks and we will visit Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin to rock climb and continue developing our scouting skills, leadership, and having a lot of fun! Stay tuned for a picture update this week!

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