Merit badges…

There is an opportunity to earn the Crime Prevention merit badge through the Naperville Police Department. The merit badge class is Thursday, 1/26. Read the information  below!

Since informed citizens are our best defense against crime, we would like to offer the Boy Scouts an opportunity to earn their Crime Prevention Merit Badge. This  workshop will include a tour of the Naperville Police Department Jail and will be  conducted by Mary Browning, Crime Prevention/Community Education Specialist.  Registration is required by emailing Mary Browning at with your name, address, phone number, and Troop #. You may also call Mary at  630-420-6731.

All requirements for the badge will be completed on January 26th except for the  following requirements:

2. Prepare a notebook of newspaper and other clippings that address crime and crime prevention efforts in your community.

4. After doing EACH of the following, discuss with your counselor what you have learned:

a. Inspect your neighborhood for opportunities that may lead to crime.  Learn how to do a crime prevention survey.
b. Using the checklist in this pamphlet, conduct a security survey of your home and discuss the results with your family.

6. Help raise awareness about one school safety issue facing students by doing ONE of the following:

a. Create a poster for display on a school bulletin board.
b. With permission from school officials, create a page long public service announcement that could be read over the public address system at school or posted on the school’s Web ite.
c. Make a presentation to a group such as a Cub Scout den that addresses the issue.

If you choose to complete these 3 requirements before the workshop and bring proof
of completion (item, written work, note, pictures etc.) you will earn the badge that
evening. If these 3 requirements are not complete, you may still attend, however
before you can earn the badge you will need to finish those requirements on your

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3 Responses to Merit badges…

  1. Clay says:

    If you are interested – get working on the requirements – you will need them Thursday night!

  2. Peggy Strezewski says:

    The workshops are full. Scouts can be placed on a wait list per an email from Mary Browning.

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