Summer Camp 2014 – Meeting

Camp Tesomas

Smiley the Tent” Camp Tesomas

It was a great night talking to the Flaming Arrow’s parents about summer camp. For many of the scouts, it will be there first time away from mom and dad, and mom’s first time away from her scout. It’s a big deal. But, rest assured, the scout that leaves home and heads off to camp will be a different scout than the one which comes home. Guaranteed.

That is the beauty of scouting. Young men in scouting will have opportunities and advantages their non-scouting peers won’t have. They’ll learn to pack their bags and come home with ALL of their gear, or at least most of it. Well, maybe some of it. They’ll experience sleeping outside in a tent and being responsible for their schedule (with help). They’ll get to know kids they otherwise would never met and make friendships that last a lifetime. They’ll learn what it’s like to be away from home and appreciate mom and dad, maybe a little more than before. They’ll have opportunities to plan their activities and learn from their mistakes. Because, failure is the greatest teacher. They’ll learn to cook, clean, and get along with others. They’ll learn the true value of service, because in order to lead, you must first learn to follow and serve others.

You can check out the blogs from summer, here are the links to go back in time – be careful not to overuse the time machine! It only works with blog posts.

The links will open in new windows for easy navigation and to navigate each blog post- click the arrow to the right to read ahead, and to the left to go back. Have fun reading.

Carl, Doug, Dan, and I enjoyed sharing our perspectives on summer camp and we know your scout will have a blast. Guaranteed. We want your scout to have a great time at camp and for their parents to know what to expect. Please feel free to leave a comment, or use the message form below to send a message if you have a question. We’ll get back to you.

Also, I mentioned the BSA Scouting blog. I don’t read every one of his posts – I don’t have time. But when I do read a post it’s on the money and it has good advice. Here is the link.

BSA Scouting Blog – Bryan on Scouting

I think that is enough information, for now.

This weekend Troop 35 is camping at Wesley Woods and Memorial Day is Monday. We don’t march as a troop but many of our scouts are in the bands which do march.

It’s hard to believe summer camp is almost a month away. The time will evaporate before our eyes. In the meantime, good night scouts.

Yours in scouting,


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