A River Runs Through It!

Good Evening Folks,

We had a great day a camp today, the Flaming Arrows worked on a ton of advancements, like lashings and lifesaving. The older scouts got started on their merit badges and the Old Goats chopped wood for the campground. We did have a little rain today, but we all came through it pretty dry and none the worse for wear.

Jack V, once again challenged the camp staff to a Chilly Willy at 6am Tuesday morning! (We gotta stop letting him do that 🙂 ) Tonight the boys and the Goats participated in the Monday night games and fun was had by all! We’ve got a fire going tonight, then it’s bedtime, apparently we have to get up early tomorrow (Thanks Jack)

Goodnight All!

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Fly wheels and Farewells

Hello Parents,

We all made it to camp safe, even with some unexpected pit stops.  All of the boys were super excited to get to summer camp.  Once we arrived and got our campsite setup, we were whisked away for dinner and then the opening campfire.  The staff put on a great show for the boys, this years theme is time travel.

After the ceremony the boys had some ice cream at the dining hall and were off to bed.  They all need to be up at 6:00 am tomorrow and I saw a lot of tired kids crawling into their tents.

That is all for tonight, the excitement will really start tomorrow, when the boys get to start on advancements and merit badges, so for tonight enjoy the the pictures and have a great night!

Good Night All!!!




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The Goodbyes are said and the boys are on their way!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

The scouts from Troop 35 gathered this morning at Memorial Park before loading the troop trailer with scout’s gear and driving north. Thirty-five scouts are beginning the adventure of a lifetime, some are renewing an old friendship with Camp Tesomas, … Continue reading

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Get ready – Summer Camp: 2015 is almost here!

WARNING – Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Summer Camp is FIVE FOUR DAYS away and I am excited…. it doesn’t matter that I’m staying home, but my heart is at Tesomas. once you’ve visited you always remember your visit. Always.

I was looking at a way to help the bloggers – the adults who will be sharing the troop’s adventures with us – how to add content and I came across the photos from Summer Camp 2009. It took me back to my first visit. That year there were 18 brand new scouts led by 8 seasoned scouts and many adult leaders went to summer camp at Camp Tesomas – this year these scouts will be seniors in high school and finishing their scouting careers. WOW! How time flies and how close objects are in the mirror. Of those 18 scouts below, one (Anthony S.) has already achieved Eagle and several others are VERY close. Keep working and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

By the way, EVERY ONE OF THE EIGHT seasoned scouts that went in 2009. achieved the rank of Eagle – Adam, Sam, Rodger, Preston, Davis,  Dan, Jacob, and Steven. WOW!

this is the crew we sent in 2009

this is crew we sent in 2009

A few reminders before camp begins:

  • Make sure to label all items T35 and Scouts’s last name.
  • Medication forms (posted on ScoutTrack bulletin board) need to be filled out and brought along with any medication going to camp.
  • OPTIONAL: Below is an example of how to address care packages or mail you intend to send your scout. You should allow 5- 7 days for receipt, which means mailing of care packages should be sent by Thursday.

Scout’s Name, Troop 35
Tesomas Scout Camp
5403 Spider Lake Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501

  • $40 – forty dollars (in $5 – five dollar bills, preferably) is a good amount to send with your scout – the banker will hold the money for the scout…
  • NOT OPTIONAL – make sure you set your alarm clock and arrive at Memorial Park (across from Gary United Methodist Church) as close to 6AM as possible. The troop trailer will be leaving at 7AM – it’s a six hour plus drive to 5403 Spider Lake Road and the troop will need to check in, set up camp, get a camp tour, eat dinner, attend an opening night campfire all before 9 PM. It’s a busy day.  Monday morning at camp comes early!

I wish I could go, but in a way I go every year. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to thank the bloggers who bring you the goods from summer camp 2015! Take a look back at Summer Camp 2009!

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If you think you have read this before, you probably have – it’s a re-post (with some rewording) from 2014. Some messages are timeless.

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Troop 35 enters the 21st century…

cyberchipDepending on your source, Troop 35 was founded in 1912 or 1923 – long before all of today’s scouts. Regardless, Troop 35 is one of the oldest continuously chartered scout troops in Illinois. The troop is fortunate to have been sponsored the entire time by Gary United Methodist Church and beginning Tuesday night, the troop will beginning making steps into the 21st century…….

A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

The Scout Law. The Boy Scouts were founded on these principles and they endure today. Scouting’s founders could never fully imagine how technology would change scouting. But today, scouting continues to grow and change. In 2012, to meet the challenges of today’s technology, the BSA developed the CyberChip.

Beginning with Tuesday’s (3/10) scout meeting, the troop will begin training all scouts on the Cyber Chip, a modern day tool for scouts of all ages. It accompanies the Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit as essentials for a modern boy scout.

Tuesday’s training will begin with internet safety awareness and conclude, at the end of March, with the troop working to develop a troop wide phone and electronic device policy that is in step with the 21st century. The troop policy will include the point that all scouts earn and maintain a Cyber Chip to use technology at scout functions – troop meetings and outings.

The troop recognizes that in order for this to be successful all scouts need to be present at the scout meetings in March. The troop also recognizes that parents need to be involved to support the program in all parts of a scout’s life – at scout functions, at home, at school, and in the community – because a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent in every way.

Tuesday night, March 10th,

  • All scouts will be provided a copy of The Scout Law and Cybersafety\Cyberbullying to take home and discuss with their parents. Please take time to discuss what the policy means and how it applies in your home and family.
  • Also, scouts and their parents will be asked to develop a family policy about appropriate uses for technology in your home – the troop is not asking for copies of your agreement, but simply acknowledgement that the scout and the family have discussed and come to agreement – a scout is trustworthy.
  • Scouts will be required to watch videos on internet safety that are appropriate for their age and level of development and discuss them with their parents. The troop will use the ideas presented in these video presentations in the following meeting – Tuesday, March 17th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day in advance.

Below are the requirements for the Cyber Chip. The troop is using the grades that scouts will be in the fall to divide scouts.

As always, parents are welcome to attend the meeting – the troop appreciates and encourages your support, scouting is impossible without the support of our parent community.

Upcoming Events

  • March 20-22: Lakota Campout – Cabin Camping – campout planning will be a part of 3/10 and 3/17 meetings!
  • March 26: Troop Committee Meeting – all parents welcome
  • March 30: April 3: Spring Break DuPage County schools
  • March 31: Scout function TBA – it’ll good! Stay tuned.
  • April 11: Annual Planning meeting 9AM – 2PM
  • April 11: Flaming Arrows Campout – Winfield Church
  • April 24-26: Troop Campout – Starved Rock State Park! (tent camping)
  • April 30: Troop Committee Meeting – all parents welcome
  • May 3: Green and Gold Ceremony

Photos from our recent campout to the USS Silversides in Muskegon, MI.

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