We will upload photos to Walgreen’s and you can select the ones you want and you can print them via Walgreen’s or download them and print them at home. Each event will have a separate page.

4 Responses to Photos

  1. Carolyn Barone says:

    Do we need a specific login and password to view the photos via walgreens?

    • Clay Watkins says:

      no you should be able to log in to your walgreen’s account and gain access – let me know if you can’t.

  2. Carolyn Barone says:

    The only photos that are there are from Summer camp 2011

    • Clay Watkins says:

      the only photos uploaded to the Walgreen’s account were in 2011 – the following year – 2012 the troop used Shutterfly at summer camp. in 2013 and 14 no accounts were used to share photos. Thanks

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