Congratulations to Troop 35’s newest Eagle Scout

Stephen Walsh is the latest Troop 35 scout to earn the rank of Eagle. He is now among the elite of elite in scouting.

Becoming an Eagle requires more than simply fulfilling every on-paper requirement. The friendships you make, the experiences you have, and the lessons you learn all count towards Eagle, as they demonstrate your commitment to and appreciation of scouting.

Stephen Walsh, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

For Stephen, becoming an Eagle Scout is a constant reminder to uphold the ideals of scouting, which he learned in Troop 35.

To me, Troop 35 is a welcoming community focused on building each member up. I appreciate Troop 35’s scout-run leadership system, which allows countless learning experiences for scouts both old and new.

Stephen Walsh, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Well done, Stephen. Congratulations on earning the rank of Eagle Scout!

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