Troop 35 congratulates latest Eagle Scout

Congratulations to Robert West, Troop 35’s newest Eagle Scout. Robert joins an elite group of scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle.

Troop 35 means so much to me, I’ve made so many friends in this troop and so many memories that I will never ever forget, and I’m thankful to everyone that helped me get to where I am today whether it was ranking me up, or keeping us Flaming Arrows entertained!

Robert West, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Robert’s advice for scouts hoping to earn Eagle:

It’s a difficult journey to get to Eagle Scout… but you have to pull through the difficulties because the end game always outweighs the past hardships to get there.

Robert’s thoughts on scouts looking for a troop:

Everyone is so incredibly nice and we get to go on amazing adventures and you will make memories that you will never forget when and if you join this troop I owe everything to the troop for where I am today!

Robert West, Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Congratulations Robert West! Three Fires Council of Scouts BSA says only six-percent of all Boy Scouts earn Eagle.

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2 Responses to Troop 35 congratulates latest Eagle Scout

  1. Natalie Richmond says:

    Congratulations Robert!

    The Richmonds

  2. Matt says:

    Robert, congratulations on EARNING your Eagle Rank! Earned, not given. Your achievement provides you with tools and leadership skills to serve a lifetime,

    Most important with your Eagle Rank, you have demonstrated a positive attitude and perseverance is the path to achieve your goals.

    Well done

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