Eagle Scout’s life is all about service

Special Agent Stuart Zeigler earned his Eagle Scout rank decades ago with Troop 35, and he’s been serving his community and country ever since. Zeigler has traveled all around the world, including protecting former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

“BSA, specifically Troop 35, prepared me for a life of service. The close mentorship and friendship of friends and adult leaders encouraged me to pursue law enforcement and service. My favorite memories are several life-long friendships, the Essex England Scout Jamboree, and summers spent at various camps and camping. I think of my memories with Troop 35 nearly once each day and am grateful for my time there.”

Stuart Zeigler, Special Agent and Troop 35 Eagle Scout

Zeigler’s next assignment will be at the United States Embassy in Thailand where he will serve as the Law Enforcement Attaché to the U.S. ambassador.

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